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1. Creation and promotion of corporate websites ( online resources ) on a turnkey basis
2 . Creation and promotion of information resources in social networks
3 . Support in the Internet for large-scale communication campaigns
4 . Creation of content ( text s, photos, videos ) for virtual information sites

The agency considers this service as a broad range of activities how to build the information field of the Client.
1. Press office outsourcing
2. Operative consulting
3. Development of newsworthy information
4. Analyzing and preparing a target media base
5. Inviting journalists to special events
6. Preparation and distribution of press releases and other information materials

The agency, as a rule, arranges press events on a turnkey basis. Among the options that we can offer the customer are the following:
1. Development of newsworthy information
2. Writing press releases, invitations, presentation content
3. Inviting the media
4. Selection of premises
5. Video design
6. Consulting of speakers
7. Moderation of the event
8. Photo / Video
9. Distribution of press releases through the broad media base
10. Monitoring of the information field following the event
11. Research note based on monitoring of the information field

1. Start consulting, definition of social priorities of the campaign
2. Engaging experts to cooperate in one or another social sphere
3. Development of a creative concept of a social project
4. Development of a communication strategy for a social project
5. Scripting and implementation of social projects on a turnkey basis
6. Interaction with the media during social projects
7. Support for CSR projects in social networks

Our agency is willing to organize an event in any format: conferences, presentations, receptions, seminars . Particular emphasis is made on the interaction with the media.
Main options:
1. Call-center services: invitation of participants, development of an information base
2. Media relations: development of newsworthy information, inviting journalists, sending out a press release through a special media base
3. Writing a detailed scenario plan and texts for speakers
4. Selection of premises
5. Catering service
6. Hostess services
7. Photo and video of the event
8. Hire of projection, sound and lighting equipment
9. Furniture rental
10. Solution of nonstandard technical problems
11. Florist services

1. Preparing a detailed project schedule
2. Creating technical timing
3. Project management
4. External relations with public authorities
5. Search for a possible cross-partner
6. Search for media partners
7. Operating as a proactive press center of the project ( preparation and distribution of releases, photo and video materials , and other forms of interaction with the media, social networking).

1. Texts for websites, blogs, social networks
2. Writing invitations, press releases, fact – sheets, backgrounds, information inquiries, other PR-texts
3. Texts for booklets, newsletters, case -stories
4. Scripting and development scene-plans of public events of different kinds, writing texts for speakers
5. Script writing for various corporate events

1. Preparation of clipping following the results of the press event, distribution of releases, information campaigns
2. Characteristic of the information field : quantitative characterization (identifying the ratio of number of messages , the resources used , added comments on posts , number of views , or other forms of reaction to posts in social networks , distribution of posts on the subject headings and information channels )
3. Content analysis of the information field: qualitative characteristics (identifying key information units in posts, content analysis of headers, comments, identifying the estimated orientation of comments)
4. Media analysis of the information posted in social networks (reputation rating of partners – organizers, the degree of information resonance, content analysis of comments)

– Governmental Relations Consulting (GR Consulting)
– Letters and appeals creation
– Communication projects with the government strategic planning
– Market players’ opinion research and final attitude creation

Communication consulting services:
– Informational field risks and ways to overcome them
– Strategic approach for Social Media and action planning
– Mass Media communication strategy development
– Communication platform, channel and methods choice
– Creative part of the project planning
– Key massages to target audiences
– Bases of journalists and reference groups
– Mass Media event concepts creation
– Communicational plan for the period chosen by the client.
Informational field content analysis is fulfilled by estimating the qualitative analysis (identification of the key massages and key items in them, title content analysis, comments analysis, evaluating nature of the comments detection).

1. Development of a visual concept of communication campaigns, promotions, events
2. Video design
3. Design of invitations, flyers, newssheets, brochures, leaflets
4. Picture story
5. Staged photography
6. Studio photography
7. Creative photography
8. Creating a concept and script of a video clip, and content of video presentations
9. Video production, video presentations on a turnkey basis