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what isn't said"

Sviatlana Shpak

Senior project manager

Based in: Minsk, Belarus
+375 17 294 86 63

More than 4 years of work experience in state administration bodies; knowledge of the political context and rules of protocol

More than 3 years of experience in the sphere of PR, communication and advertising

Extensive experience in working with international organizations, funds and donors

Management of about 20 projects on international cooperation


Planning: define and clarify project scope, develop plans, schedules and budgets, develop policies and procedures to support the achievement of the project objectives
Organizing: determine the organizational structure of the project, identify roles and positions, cooperation with external companies, 3d parties and organizations including governmental bodies, diplomatic missions and international organizations

Leading: coordinating activities within the project, motivating team members, assigning work
Controlling: tracking project progress, project status reporting, determining and taking corrective actions