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“New Sales Technologies. VIRTUAL REALITY”

Do you sell rather fast? Rather much? Can you say that the margin you get is a good one? Today’s competition chang-es enjoyment from sales into a constant race to get a new client. However, the truth is that one who takes the first place both in a race and sales is the one who applies new technologies. What new technologies do you employ today?

Technologies of virtual and augmented reality has long ceased to be just an entertainment. Today it is an effective tool for sales, presentations and education. We connect these technologies with a strategy, elements of psychology and in-volvement and, thus, we offer an unprecedented means of selling more, faster and in a more profitable way.

  1. The number of presentations and meetings turned into sales is constantly increasing.
  2. The number of meetings required to sell your product is reduced
  3. Margin is increasing from bargain to bargain
  4. A commodity is not necessarily to be available since it can be designed and shown

Even now luxury real estate, yachts, units and stations are being sold with the use of VR. Your project can be as follows.