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10 facts about Belarus, the country we live and work in:


Belarus covers about 207,600 km² with the population of 9.495,5 million people and borders Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia. The distance from Minsk to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania (EU), is only 188 km or a few hours by train.


Belarus is green, clean and safe with 40% of the area covered by forest, more than 11 000 lakes and 20 000 rivers which length reaches 90 000 kilometers.


The Belarusian capital has about 2 million residents making Minsk the 12 th city of Europe for that indicator.


Belarus is ranked the 7 th in the UNESCO literacy rating with 99.7 per cent adult literacy rate


In Belarus, the IT sector has state support; the country offers globally unique conditions for cryptocurrency regulation. Such world-known companies and brands as EPAM, Wargaming (World of Tanks), Viber, MAPS.ME, Masquerade (MSQRD live filters app), IBA Group, and Apalon originate in Belarus.


Number of mobile communication subscribers is 11.4 million. Penetration of LTE-powered mobile communication service is 60%. At present, the services are available in Minsk and all the oblast capitals as well as major district capitals across the country.


Main business partners of Belarus (2016) are Russia, Ukraine, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Turkey, and Italy.


There are 26 ice arenas in Belarus. The largest of them – Minsk Arena – is the forth in size in Europe.


Transportation: railways are 5,480 km long including 1,131 km of electric tracks, roads are 101,600 km including paved roads 87,700 km.


Louis Burt Mayer, a co-founder of Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer studios and one of the founders of the prestigious American Oscar Awards, was born in Belarus.