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Сrisis communications

Developing and running crisis PR campaigns

We proceed from the premise that a company should be prepared in advance to challenges/conflicts; therefore, we suggest developing a crisis management strategy with some elements of early diagnostics.<br /> A top management workshop format is conceivable

Providing crisis PR support

We offer a service package including establishment of a 24/7 crisis office. Information flow control with on-stream analysis, social network feedback, loyal media pooling, crisis discourse identification, development and adoption of crisis response regulations

Developing and running post-crisis image rehabilitation/recovery programmes

The programmes provide for the development and subsequent implementation of profound communications strategies

Conducting crisis training workshops

Group sessions for crisis scenario development, identification of the organization's level of crisis preparedness in terms of communications. Such training ensure confidence in crisis preparedness of the key personnel

Outsourcing third-party commentators and experts

When applicable, we may recommend the services of our partners: psychologists, lawyers, crisis managers, et alia