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External Relations and GR

Developing strategies of communication with government and NGOs (GR strategies)

GR is essential for the strategic development of any business including goodwill development/retention and the company's relationship with public authorities, engagement of public officials and social activists for project expert support, and establishment of interpersonal communication

Organizing events attended by government officials

Having a profound knowledge of the protocol rules and political context, we have been co-implementing projects with public authorities of various levels. Thus, in 2015-2017, opening ceremonies of the Faces of Projects exhibition of the EU Delegation to Belarus were held in 23 district capitals of Belarus; the events were attended by top-level local officials

Providing PR support to non-governmental socially meaningful projects and programmes

The Agency has been closely working with leading Belarusian NGOs since 2010. Our most outstanding projects are Budzma Belarusami animation film that became iconic in Belarus, as well as ADNAK! Belarusian-language advertising festival

Drawing government officials’ attention and inducing them to address the key challenges faced by business, and its objectives

We foster a constructive dialogue between business and public authorities, sensitizing the authorities to the key challenges and objectives faced by business; we provide information support to social initiatives and NGOs

Establishing liaison between public authorities, NGOs, general public and business community

We help build relationships between public authorities, NGOs, general public and business community for developing relations and co-defining concepts from the inception of an idea to its realization. A good example of such work was the 2017 info cycle on Promoting Green Economy: Principles, Mechanisms, Prospects