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The theme of green economy is gaining popularity in the Belarusian media space. This applies to such diverse aspects, as economy greening related to the earlier notion of socially responsible investing; environmental damage and climate change prevention, mitigation and compensation (e.g., energy efficiency and hydro projects).

However, we should admit, that many responsible persons are still unable to define green economy precisely, though its definitions are rather numerous. Green economy means a sustainable economy that generates a better quality of life for all within the ecological limits of the planet.

EZERIN`COM has been supporting and promoting miscellaneous green economy projects and activities for a decade. We use various communication channels, both conventional and new media.

One of the most outstanding projects was the Energy Saving Ambulance cartoon series was developed for the EU/UNDP Project “Developing an Integrated Approach to a Stepped-Up Energy Saving Programme” (“Energy Efficiency in Schools”) aimed at adoption of modern energy-saving technology in Belarusian schools. The Energy Saving Ambulance brings school students up to date with innovations that facilitate rational energy consumption. Each video is dedicated to a specific and relevant topic. One of the episodes was a laureate of the AD.NAK Belarusian-language Advertisement and Communication Festival.

A wide range of information campaigns have been carried out at request of the EU Delegation to Belarus. One of them is the Green Economy Information Days Series aimed at raising the general public’s awareness about the green economy principles, giving a presentation of the practical outcomes of the green economy projects in Belarus, providing information that could serve as a driver for implementing green projects in the regions, present a number of green economy cases that have been or are being implemented in Belarus in cooperation with the EU.

The green economy meetings were attended by more than 300 persons from 40 districts of Belarus, including more than 100 representatives of public agencies and as many nongovernmental organisations. 30 speakers/green economy experts gave their presentations to the audience. About 70 unique publications have been published so far.

Another EU-commissioned information campaign is the Green Dacha, the first communication project in Belarus targeting dacha/smallholding owners. It includes the following:
• a series of expert articles about the green economy principles for dachas in the Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belarusi (a nationwide newspaper), on the newspaper website and in social media
• a series of interviews with green economy experts aired by the First National Channel of Belarusian Radio
• a contest among dacha owners, co-arranged with the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper
• an information/awareness-raising campaign co-arranged with the Belarusian Rail – placement of the information posters in 40 electric multiple units in 4 suburban routes.

A video clip broadcast by national and regional channels on a social basis:

The agency has been holding a broad range of press events supporting the green economy topics. The press tour format is the most efficient and demanded.

Links to several press event publications are provided below:
ONT Channel
Hrodzienskaja praŭda

We are prepared to develop and ensure the implementation of a communication strategy, outsource experts, journalists and bloggers within the framework of information activities on the green economy subject.