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Belarus positions itself as an IT-country. This year the Presidential Decree «On the Development of the Digital Economy» was adopted. This document significantly simplified and structured the work of the High-Tech Park with 238 residents registered. Belarusian IT companies enter the top 100 best outsourcers of the world each year. Belarus is the fifth country in Eastern Europe in terms of IT-freelance. In general, the further development of the IT industry in the country is seen as very promising, as the state makes it clear that this sphere is now the priority of state policy.

The ICT sector currently has a workforce of over 85,000, including some 34,000 in the IT products and services segment. Another 30,000 IT specialists are employed in sectors of the economy other than ICT. There are currently no official statistics on the overall number of ICT specialists in Belarus, but it conservatively may be estimated by the number at over 115,000.

Resident companies of the High-Tech Park enjoy important government support: they are exempted from most taxes, including value-added tax and income tax. Further, employees of the resident companies enjoy a 30% reduction in personal income tax compared with other sectors of the economy. Due to the HTP, Belarus managed to build a mature export-oriented software development industry and became a significant player on the IT services market in Europe in just 10 years. According to Gartner, Belarus is among the nine most attractive locations for Outsourcing, Shared Service & Captives in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.



Foreign Private Production and Training Unitary Enterprise

Founded – 1993

Number of employees – 10 500 (in Belarus – 6 000)

Ownership – foreign capital

Line of business:

  • Testing
  • IT-outsourcing, IT-services
  • Embedded software development
  • Software outsourcing
  • Software solution development and implementation

Revenue (2015) – USD 905 mn (+30%)

Market capitalization – USD 24 bn

Joint venture International business alliance

Closed Joint Stock Company

Founded – 1933

Number of employees – 2 600

Software services:

  • Software outsourcing
  • Information Systems based on Delphi/Oracle/MS SQL platforms
  • 1C:Enterprise platform, Cognos, IBM Lotus platform, IBM platform, FileNet, SAP platform
  • Web-design studio
  • Software testing
  • CREO, Windchill, Arbortext, Mathcad
  • ERP II MS Dynamics AX
  • Linux on System z
  • z/OS and OS/390

Revenue (2012) – USD 85 mn**

LLC «Game Stream»


Type – private company

Founded – 1998

Number of employees – approximately 2 000 (in Belarus – 1 600)

Location: United Kingdom, Belarus, Ukraine

Products: video games

Revenue (2015) – USD 590 mn (+34%)

Intetics Bel

Joint Limited Liability Company

Founded – 1995

Number of employees – 500

Line of business:

  • Testing
  • Business process outsourcing
  • IT-outsourcing, IT-services
  • Software outsourcing

Revenue (2013) – USD 15 mn (+25%)