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Media and Public Opinion

Forming task-oriented press pools for the company, building long-term media relationships, developing media databases

Our agency maintains an updated Belarusian media database with 1,000+ contacts including central, regional and specialized media. We offer a specialized PR event programme for building a loyal media pool.

Building relationships with Internet opinion leaders

Our essential approach to working with opinion leaders lies in situation analysis and long-term outlook.

Working with leading bloggers

We endeavor to identify the most outstanding bloggers in their relevant topics. Our focus on specialization yields results. One of the first successful projects in this area was the Samsung cross-action with the Mir Castle. In 2017, we held a Blogger School on IT topics within a communications campaign.

Arranging media events in various formats (briefings, media tours, conferences, etc.)

We organize turn-key press events, beginning with relevant format selection, release writing, and ending with media space monitoring and an analytical report. The press event technology may include up to 30 different options.

Developing and implementing PR projects in web-based and social media

In 2017, we implemented a range of projects for the European Union Delegation in Belarus within the communications campaign Finnish Tango Festival in Minsk and the New Reality international conference.

Drafting press releases, media kits, announcements, comments and articles

We draft materials with a deep immersion into the topic; therefore, we often seek expert consultations. Preparation of press materials is one of our key stage of cooperation with media.