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EZERIN`COM becomes a partner of High Time! – 45+ men’s health initiative


Belarus has a phenomenon of super-mortality in men who live 12 years less than women do.
Goal of the initiative: use communication tools to change the situation in the pilot towns of Minsk Region; promote the development of the modern longevity all over the country.

Key activities:

Advocacy workshops for media and professionals were held in the pilot towns ran by experts/specialists in demography and health care.
High time! Facebook page; audience: journalists, influencers, specialists, representatives of the target audience. Coverage: 51,000 users in 6 months.
Outdoor advertisements: pilot towns of Minsk region, with subsequent expansion in Belarus.

TV clip: TV channels from the pilot towns, Belarusian central and regional TV channels

The It is Still Me creative concept.

It is high time to recall that inside of every venerable man there is a youngster full of desires, aspirations and willing to try things out and live to the fullest.

It is high time to move on towards new objectives after you have passed through a stage in your life and achieved your goals. To do that, you need to learn to dream again.

To identify the actual audience insights, the concept was built upon materials provided by focus groups (45+ year old men) ran at one of the pilot towns.

The pilot towns and Minsk.