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Pavel Ezerin

Managing Director

E-mail: pavel@ezerin.com
Based in: Minsk/Tallinn
+375 29 181 69 40

General operational management, project team casting and quality control.

• More than 13 years of experience in PR sector in Belarus – managing an elaborate and complex communication strategies and public awareness campaigns. Profound knowledge of EU-Belarus affairs, EU-funded technical assistance and cooperation programmes.

• Extensive experience in collaboration with international organizations

• 8+ years of experience in working on projects funded by the EU and UNDP. Turn-key arrangement of various events, from press conferences to major city festivals. In such projects

• Organized 80+ press events, press tours, info days, city-related and other relevant events connected with EU-funded projects in Belarus

• Excellent knowledge on the EU, its policies and the European integration process.

• Experience of working with international organizations UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNESCO, UNAIDS, IOM, UNHCR, GEF, EBRD