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Every year the European Union provides about Euro 20 million to finance programs of cooperation with Belarus.

The Project objective: within the format of an open-air photo exhibition, raise public awareness in all voblast capitals about the projects implemented with the support from the European Union.

Ordered by:  EU Delegation to Belarus.

Project topics:

  • Environmental protection
  • Energy saving
  • Rural development
  • Assistance to hospice patients and women / victims of domestic violence
  • Promotion of the European approach to education and science
  • Integration of convicts into the society
  • Abolition of capital punishment
  • Preservation of historical and cultural traditions

Special edition: “Faces of Projects” Photo Exhibition

Illustrated information publication covering the Belarus projects presented at the Faces of Projects photo exhibition.


Concept: a brief story about the hero and his/her photographic portrait. The stories narrated through photographs provide an excellent example and confirmation of the fact that an active person cannot be held up by any obstacles and limitations. The project heroes are volunteers and NGO staff, elderly people and researchers, convicts and people with disabilities. The key component of the exhibition is infographics that provides a clear explanation of the Project essence, its goals and objectives, milestones and achievements.


The exhibition shows 29 projects implemented with the EU financial support covering key environmental, economic and social issues, such environmental protection, sustainable management of natural resources, adoption of energy saving and green technologies, rural development and entrepreneurship support, aid to children from the Belarusian Children’s Hospice and women survivors of domestic violence, promotion of the European approach to education and science, preservation of historical and cultural traditions.
23 cities from 2015 through 2017:
2015: 6 Belarus voblast capitals
2016: 6 raion capitals with 100,000+ residents
2017: 11 raion capitals with 50,000+ residents
2018: 8 raion capitals and voblast capitals with 90,000+ residents
Number of participating projects: 58
Number of publications: 309
Number of media outlets: 157