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Author: Andrey EZERIN

The abundance of online channels and information chaos have made companies and brands wonder, what promotion model will prove effective. Many do not understand, how to manage customer behaviour: the conventional views on marketing and PR are no longer viable. The Russian version of the article was published on the website probusiness.io How have the approaches to promotion changed, and what is to be expected in future? Andrey Ezerin, PR Director of EZERIN COMMUNICATION Agency shares

10 facts about Belarus, the country we live and work in: Belarus borders Ukraine, Poland, Russian, Lithuania and Latvia. The distance from Minsk to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania (EU) is only 188 km, or a few hours by train. Belarus is a green (with 40% of the area covered by forest), clean and safe; it has great roads compared to Russia and Ukraine. The Belarusian capital has about 2 million residents making Minsk