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This deluxe illustrated edition gives the reader the full picture of the EU countries’ cuisine. The book was co-authored by EU diplomats, who live and work in Belarus; each of the 28 countries is represented with the nation’s most popular, signature dish.

In addition to cooking methods and ingredients, the book describes the dish history and offers serving tips. In the book, one may also find bon apetit wishes in the 28 languages of Europe.

A true attention grabber of the edition is the set of illustrations by the renowned Belarusian artist Andrey Dorokhin.

National cuisine is the most democratic and dynamic aspect of culture. Each turn of a nation’s history leaves a footprint on its culinary traditions. Each homemaker follows his or her family recipes, improvise and improve their dishes according to his/her taste and manner. Neighbours and colleagues borrow each other’s culinary traditions, bring new ideas and outlandish ingredients back from their travels. A well-written cookbook is a chronical, a guide and a family album.